Formation a distance

Formation a distance

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Sur le réseau Electroluminescent store, la formation a distance professionnelle est gratuite.

Une fois connecté, les entrepreneurs peuvent choisir la spécialité qui les intéressent en parcourant les ressources techniques.

Chaque spécialité est classée par licence professionnelle.

La liste complète des licences est disponible dans la section Inscription, comparer licences. Accéder Licences



Cette application android / Itunes a été développée pour les PC, tablette et mobile.
Prix: Gratuit
Mise à jour: Aout 6, 2015
Version: 3.5
Connexion: Internet requis
Langue: English,Français
Publisher: Elisa LLC
© 2015 The Electroluminescent store.

Compatibilité: Compatible avec Mac PC. Mais également iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Samsung S6 edge, Chromebook, Galaxy Tabs, Note. Sony Experia. Windows 10. Le format de cette application est optimisé pour The Electroluminescent store website.



Electroluminescent store Professional community is the most effective mobile support to deploy quickly and without investment, an activity electroluminescent supplies.


This Business is a cloud of application that allows you to easily acquire skills and tools associated operations.


You are assisted by the production unit and powerful applications from STUDIO apps, including a universe of contribution.


If you prefer a personal training with qualified trainers, we organize monthly CPI license modules (Certified Professional Installer).


To save even more time in creating your innovations, your training will receive a streamlined method of work and homogenized in more than 37 countries. So you can express precisely and distinct manner, fine production nuances related to more complex specifications of your customers.


Enfin, si vous êtes déjà professionnel de l'électroluminescent, votre compte professionnel rémunéré est une réelle opportunité de diversifier votre offre. Et le répertoire officiel des entreprises optimise à la fois votre visibilité et vous met en relation avec d'autres centres d'affaires . Et si un atelier est déjà référencé dans votre ville, passez au niveau EXPERT : votre établissement sera alors la seule entreprise approvisionnée et légalement protégée dans votre circonspection.

Formation a distance
  • Gordon John Spence
    Posted at 18:51h, 13 avril

    Hi All

    We are very interested in your products. Is there a supplier and applicator in South Africa (Johannesburg) ? If not, then what would your terms and conditions requirements be for us to either import as required or to become a local supplier / distributor / applicator (Or even a National Supplier)

    Please refer back to us at your earliest convenience

    Kind Regards

    John Spence

    • ELISA - NY
      Posted at 19:36h, 13 avril

      Hi John,
      A member is currently begin is training in Durban.
      They can answer your question by the phone but there are not ready yiet to work.
      Firstable, you can read free technical tabs to start-up. Then, if you need to enhance skills, you can apply for an Expert account.
      It’s an independant way of work and you can take an exclusivity option.
      Finally, distributor request as an external business is possible too

  • CS Pang
    Posted at 02:51h, 19 mars

    Hello, there,

    I’m very interested in your product, it’s awesome. If I wanna be a distributor, local supplier or any other ways to cooperation in China, What’s your terms and I also wanna know more details about the specification of this product. My phone number is 0086 ………… and my e-mail is also easy to reach.

    Please contact me if you feel interested, thanks.

    Best wishes.


  • CS Pang
    Posted at 23:46h, 21 mars

    Hello, I’ve registered via the link you provided, then I’ve payed 1 usd. What’s the next, just wait for you guys to send me an e-mail or something?

    • ELISA NY
      Posted at 05:39h, 22 mars

      Hello, your application has been denied. What’s happened :
      – You need to be distributor: You should select « sell online  » option,
      – You will use your patents to produces: You should select  » patents » option
      – You want to be the exclusive distributor in your area: alternatively you can takes  » Exclusivity » option. Then, we do not give to an another company .our order.
      Reminder: No plan, no royalties. You can tried again at anytime