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Sur le réseau Electroluminescent store, nous pensons que vous donner accès à l'ensemble des technologies bioluminescentes est un atout indispensable à l'épanouissement de votre entreprise.


Bienvenue sur Electroluminescent store, la source du professionnel.

Do you take full advantage of your production tools and search engine offered by Electroluminescent store?


There are more than 50,000 each month to use the network Electroluminescent store to reach their service provider. To optimize your visibility on this part;

  • Post contributions on technical tabs,
  • Answer community request on forum,
  • Post your actuality  in the forum section devoted. There, you can present your company and news (Advertising, competition, design, film, automobile, etc.)


How to reach customers abroad?

By opening license on Electroluminescent store, your company page and services will emerge through search engine results worlwide, including United States, Middle-east, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.
When communicate your message at the right time?

The electroluminescent store community can help you to get close with your consumers and at the same time key account.

Like company in UK, you would have much to gain by registered your company on the directory list as Electroluminescent provider> Europe> Great Britain> London.
Customers located in England could have access to your business contact before no one, ensuring the validation of your skills and description of your establishment to opt for your expertise during comparative search.


How to identify your license category ?

If you are the official representative of your company, you can create a free website dedicated to your business. Legal city address of your company is registered as Store ID.


Electroluminescent Store Toronto. Canadian National directory >  Ontario.
After listed your Electroluminescent "YOUR CITY", you should pick up one or more license category related to your city. Examples of available categories:

- liquid
- textile
- film
- LED body

See our policies referencing. Learn more. 



We list companies implanted with workshop or on-site service.
The workshop must have a name and a valid registration in their country of residence.
To include your business in a class of license, our editors must ensure that your business meets the criteria of eligibility for registration on the network or professional license required to exercise.
To be listed in "Film" category, a company must provide this four following steps:

- Registration form filed,
- Hold or hire a local or a company car,
- Success to at least one of CPI training license program trained,
- Synchronized your account and STUDIO apps FILM, edited by ELISA, LLC.

Download STUDIO as favorite

To be listed in "Textile" category, a manufacture must provide in addition to the above features:

- Have an activity factory in operation since 3 last years,
- Invest in equipments to producing textiles.

To be listed in "Liquid" category, a company must offer besides Film features:

- Have a professional paint booth (No leasing, no loan)
- Have a professional paint equipment


Other kinds of services
When you register your company on this site, it is automatically placed on Electroluminescent provider.
If you work in the United States, Canada and the English-speaking Caribbean or Mexico, register with Electroluminescent provider
United states store United States.
Other countries, sign up using international page.

We reference standing points interest for our customers. Whether temporary activities or short-term (Seasonal advertising, event, competition), products exclusively available on the Internet or services
such as the installation of tinted windows or detailing, you can list them as a resource and not as a skill.

Integration of Electroluminescent "YOUR CITY" page

Place your nickname on the network as the address corresponding to the city of legal address of your company.

User reviews

Electroluminescent store visitors can write user reviews on the page,
but we do not guarantee that they will.


You should attach your real photo of you and your place (in jpg or png only). Store with photo pictures are more often selected. The maximum size of an image is 5 MB


You can add a description to your page. Restrictions: Up to 5,000 characters, no HTML tag, phone number, address without capital letters.

ID Store Detail and information

Facility name, address, minimum price, maximum price. Contact information (phone, email, website) can be integrated by My Account.

Name, address, phone number, email address and address of the trainer. reserves the right to change these policies and to refuse to post or remove property pages at any time.

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