Reservation formation en atelier

Reservation formation en atelier

Préface - A l'issue du parcourt de formation initiale mise à votre disposition gratuitement sur le réseau Electroluminescent store, vous pouvez choisir de poursuivre votre cursus en personne dans un atelier formé à l'apprentissage professionnel des métiers de l’électroluminescent. Assurez vous d'être connecté afin de pouvoir accéder à cette page de réservation.

license entreprise electroluminescent

Déroulement de la formation en atelier.

En 5 étapes

1. Réservation.

Choisissez une date de prise en charge en atelier.

2. Audit.

Un ingénieur ou un cadre vous appel sous 72 heures ouvrables.

3. Convocation.

Le service technique vous envoi une convocation officielle.

4. Formation en atelier.

Votre équipe et vous-même êtes prise en charge par un centre formateur agréé.

5. Validation licence.

Votre entreprise est opérationnelle le jour même.

Subject: Personal film Training program
Date: 2015
Published by: Technical Service
PC No: 75RV-2177/5421

Personal film training program


The main objective of the personal film training program in workshop is to convey to all participants the skills needed to create projects on measurement using electroluminescent film. Candidates leave the technical module with technological and practical training to deal with confidence and serenity, the sale operational of the electroluminescent with their clients.
Furthermore, because the candidates are primarily savvy entrepreneurs, training is condensed into a single day.
And if that was not enough, technical guides online forums and animated by qualified members provide ongoing training to companies and their teams.

At the end of the trainee in the day, your team will be able to:

  • Understanding how electroluminescent films works,
  • Design innovative and interactive solutions for the automotive, construction, advertising etc.
  • Provide instant quotes from a dedicated application,
  • Avoid the main causes of failure of design and reliability,
  • Reduce production costs,
  • Diversify your business services.


Training program ( resume )

    • Find out and manipulation of various supplies,
    • Introduction to electricity,
    • Differential sale management and technical analysis,
    • Aseptic rule and installation,
    • Facilities management workshop and outpatient,
    • Heart gun use,
    • Wiring.

In Europe, the Electroluminecent store network is not just the larger community of SMEs using electroluminescent films, it is also a business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Included in the license

  • 1 Personal training day,
  • 1 Personalized supply with your image,
  • 1 Dedicated website,
  • 1 Expert paid savings account,
  • Expert technical tabs access,
  • 100 Dedicated Business Cards,
  • Compensation central,
  • $99.00 as a welcome gift.

Incitativity of training in center

No investment is required to start a business at the end of this professional installers certification or CPI. Technical staff and participants remain independent, no time commitment or franchise fees. By attending in-person training, it is possible to touch, handle and physically interact with the most reliable equipment in the world.

Every first Saturday of the month, it is possible to optimize the company revenue by refining the skills of its employees from a beginner level to industrial production - Level Distributor.

The IT department of the Electroluminescent store provided otherwise productivity optimization tools, communication and training tolled, but not mandatory.

Booking procedure

After his success in Europe and USA, Electroluminescent store guides the development of its network in Canada and India. Technology transfer is recent, which explains why the visibility of organic light is still unknown to the general public. And it is precisely this point that business man informed research: a potent technology has already been proven in the United States.
Just like we have to be at their level, tinted windows and blinds, electroluminescent technologies have outstanding business potential whose benefits will be operated by service companies who are capable anticipated the market.
Schedule an appointment with the film formation team and enjoy the opportunity to become the representative of a burgeoning technology.

Training in Europe

For entrepreneurs resident in Canada or for members of the European Community wishing to apply for training in the CEE, thank you kindly use this European form made specially for you.

    Posted at 06:22h, 23 février

    Je désire suivre une formation dans vos ateliers afin de commercialiser vos produits merci de me rappeler aux 06 cordialement…

    • ELISA NY
      Posted at 12:31h, 02 mai

      Pour deposer une candidature, il vous suffit de remplir le formulaire ci dessus. Une fois complété, un cadre vous contactera par téléphone sous 72 heures

  • lumia
    Posted at 06:22h, 05 octobre


    Je suis demandeur d’emploi et désire vivement suivre une formation dans les métiers de l’électroluminescent..
    est-ce possible de la faire quand on n’a pas de statue de société..
    Bien à vous..

    • ELISA NY
      Posted at 07:17h, 05 octobre

      Oui, c’est tout a fait possible

  • lumia
    Posted at 04:18h, 06 octobre

    Merci pour votre réactivité,
    Pouvez-vous me renseigner davantage concernant la procédure d’ éventuellement les villes en France là ou vous organisez les formations..

    Merci encore..

    • ELISA NY
      Posted at 06:18h, 06 octobre

      La procedure est réalisée via le formulaire contenu sur cette page. Pour votre région du monde, la prochaine session est organisée aux Emirats arabes unis dans pile 3 semaines.

      • lumia
        Posted at 05:27h, 10 octobre

        sinon il y en auras t il une dans les jours qui viennent quelque part en France?