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This seller has guarantees professional supplies and Made in USA or Produced in Europe for his original production as well as a commercial license validated by an approved training center.

To get stamping Checked , a company must be listed on the legal records of its country and provide evidence that it has a current bank account. This indeed indicates that the employment status of this seller has been approved by fiscal and financial institution. This enhances the security of the internal Electroluminescent store network, reduces our risk and gives you the means to produce your original creations.

To check the current status of the seller, you can check its license. Lanuch verification


As NATIVE PRODUCER in the US, Electroluminescent store offers you the best experience in sale operation of the organic light. Wherever you are in the world.

Fast and Simple

No need to open multiple business accounts for each category of electroluminescent materials such as painting, printing or textiles. Simply use your geographic identifier: town and country. Your transactions are instant though you buy.


Connect to the office network costs you nothing but the vacancy is limited. If you make purchases with the available balance of your paid account, it's free.


When you get the status Checked , Electroluminescent store can provide you additional benefits. You can:

- Benefiting from a specialized training
- Use your paid account to supply your purchases;
- Improve your evaluation by letting you know as a seller Checked with your customers and other users of the community.

United States resident companies may become Verified in two steps:


Save an unsolicited application (Places limited numbers)
Copy, paste electronic stamping on your main page.


If your company resides outside the United States, you can get Verified status in the same way.

Verification vendor

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